Ideas for Yummy and Easy Meals While On Holiday

Ideas for Yummy and Easy Meals While On Holiday

28 March 2017

Self-catering holidays are great and, quite frankly, are preferred by most, but it also means saving on expensive restaurant bills. This month we’ve compiled a list of some great ways to keep everyone’s tummy full and satisfied, helping you make the most of your holiday with a little planning.

Make a list

Make a list of things you have at home that you will need to pack. This includes items that you know you'll use every day such as spices, condiments, long life milk, margarine, coffee, tea and so forth as the resorts don't stock grocery items. Remember that we tend to eat differently when on holiday so you may not need to take quite as much rice or potatoes as you think!

Plan your meals

Do a rough meal schedule. You will most likely not stick to a definite plan so make this list with changes in mind. You might end up having some leftovers for breakfast or lunch or you may decide to pop out for dinner instead. However, doing a meal schedule will help you with your packing and grocery shopping and eliminate unnecessary ingredients and spending.

Cook and freeze

Before going on holiday cook a few family favourites to freeze and take it with you on holiday. This is perfect when coming back to your unit after a long and busy day of sightseeing and activities!

Get the kids involved

Any mom would tell you that there is nothing better than having a night off from cooking. If your kids are old enough put them in charge of dinner for a couple of nights. Think hot dog or burger evenings where the kids can prepare the food or get them to put out the ingredients for a "build your own salad" night.

Take care of lunch

Lunch can be the most difficult meal of the day when on holiday. As days are often spent out and about you can either grab something whilst exploring the local area or make sure that there are easy-to-make options available when going back to your unit. Think sandwiches or wraps with cold meats, left-overs from the night before or a ready-to-eat meal or two. Alternatively, have a hearty brunch to fuel your day and skip lunch altogether!

A quick list of holiday favourite meals

Pizza and burgers: Takeaways or build-your-own options are quick, easy and scrumptious!

Hot dogs: This is a super easy and an affordable option. You can give a new twist to an old favourite by experimenting with new toppings.

Braai: South Africans don't need an excuse to braai! Nothing is better than ending the day around a fire alongside great company and a great meal.

Salad: Snacking all day and having breakfast and lunch a little later than usual may mean you're not too hungry when it comes to dinner. Cut up some smoked chicken breasts to add substance to a green salad or make a yummy tuna pasta salad.