Why spring is awesome in South Africa

Why spring is awesome in South Africa

23 August 2017

Spring brings with it the promise of hope and new life, and nature can't help but show off during this time. Everything is greener, the outdoors are abuzz with new life and the days are longer and warmer, perfect for travelling and exploring new places!

Here are some reasons why spring is a great season to travel:

  • New life. Everything is waking up from its winter slumber and migrating birds start arriving, heralding the new life opening their eyes for the first time! Definitely a great season for game viewing. Who knows you might see young cubs frolicking next to their parents?
  • Colour. Wildflowers burst into a magnificent riot of colours, carpeting the ground like magic.
  • Whale watching. South Africa is one of the best destinations in the world for marine life, whether from land or sea. Every year, Southern Right Whales migrate from icy Antarctica to warmer climate, and reach our coastline by mid-year, and linger to entertain us until November. Our waters teem with these magnificent giants mating, calving and putting on a spectacular show of water acrobatics.
  • Outdoor activities. With warmer and longer days, it's time to dig your hiking boots out the back of the cupboard and explore the great outdoors! We are spoilt for choice when it comes to breathtaking scenery while enjoying our favourite activities, be it cycling, quad biking, horse riding, trail running or bird watching.
  • Relaxing outside. Pack a picnic, take a walk, visit one of our numerous Botanical Gardens - spring's beauty brings with it a sense of tranquillity, helping you relax and enjoy your holiday.