Make the Most of Your Romantic Getaway

Make the Most of Your Romantic Getaway

1st February 2017

It’s that time of the year again when you don’t need a reason to put your feet up and pack off to an exotic destination with your loved ones! If you are planning to spend some quality time with your beloved this Valentine’s Day, then we suggest you experiment with these super sweet romantic ideas to keep them glued to you. Indulge, refresh and feel rejuvenated this holiday season with your partner!

Watch the sunset

Nothing beats watching the sun go down together - lazing by the sea or from the top of a mountain! Take a little meander down to the perfect viewing spot whilst holding hands and catch the sunset with the love of your life this vacation. Give in to the moment as it’s an experience that the two of you will treasure for years to come.


When was the last time you made eye contact with your partner and allowed the moment to linger? With innumerable commitments at work and home, we usually don’t find any time to play with that special someone in our lives. This time when you are spending some relaxation time with your significant other at an exotic beach, mountain or bush escape; take them by surprise by flirting with them!

Pamper yourselves

Who doesn’t like to be pampered on a holiday? The two of you can indulge in a soothing body massage after you are done with sight-seeing. Look for interesting spa treatments at the resort or look around for a salon that offers couples massages. Treat yourselves to a rejuvenating experience!

Dine at a fancy restaurant

Treat yourselves to an evening of fine dining where you can dress up and indulge in some really great food and wine while chatting about your holiday experiences and generally catching up on the little things you may have missed while you were busy with work and life in general. Ditch your cell phones so your attention isn’t elsewhere.

Document your memories

Like any other occasion, don’t forget to lock your memories down by taking photographs during your holiday. And we don’t mean you go on a clicking spree capturing the only the sights and scenery! Ask a passer-by to take a few photographs of the two of you holding each other close or simply pose for your each other! Even if you feel a little silly, take those couples selfies and capture all of your precious moments together. Whatever you may choose to do this Valentine’s Day, take a moment to let those closest to you know just how much you love and appreciate them.