Exchange Credits explained

Exchange Credits explained

17 July 2017

What are Exchange Credits?

Exchange Credits give you the trading power to make exchanges. It is the unique BMP currency that you receive when you bank your week with BMP, and which you use to pay for bookings. All accommodation is rated according to a quality and demand criteria and Exchange Credits costs are awarded per unit type, resort or period of accommodation.

How long will my Exchange Credits be valid for?

Exchange Credits are valid for three years (36 calendar months). Should you not use your allocated Exchange Credits before their expiry date, your unused Exchange Credits will expire.

Can I borrow Exchange Credits?

No, Exchange Credits can't be borrowed in advance. To make use of your next allocation of Exchange Credits, you will be required to bank the following year's vacation ownership in order to receive your allocation. Please note that this can only be done once the following year's annual calendar has been released and you will be required to settle the annual levy in advance before you can bank the week with BMP and be allocated your next year’s Exchange Credits.